Energy Storage for Energy Security and Reliability through Renewable Energy Technologies: A New Paradigm for Energy Policies in Turkey and Pakistan

Forecasting the microeconomics of electricity will turn into a challenging process when electricity is produced through renewable energy technologies (RET). These technologies are mainly sunlight-based photovoltaic (PV), wind power, and tidal resources, which vigorously rely upon ecological conditions. For a reliable and livable energy supply to the electricity grid from renewable means, electrical energy storage technologies can play an important role while considering the weather effects in order to provide immaculate, safe, and continuous energy throughout the generation period. Energy storage technologies (ESTs) charge themselves during the low power demand period and discharge when the demand of electricity increases in such a way that they act as a catalyst to provide energy boost to the power grid. In this paper, we presented and discussed the renewable ESTs for each type with respect to their operational mechanism. In this regard, the renewable energy scenarios of Pakistan and Turkey are first discussed in detail by analyzing the actual potential of each renewable energy resource in both the countries. Then, policy for the EST utilization for both the countries is recommended in order to secure sustainable and reliable energy provision.