Our Products

1- Smart Fan

In this era of inflation, we introduced a cost-effective, energy-efficient and new generation SMART FAN technology for the first time in Pakistan. The residential and/or commercial ceiling fan is now embedded with smart functionalities to overcome the ineffective usage of the appliance thus saving energy. An installed fan base of 150+ fans constantly providing data that is useful for fan manufacturers, architects, social scientists and a number of other field enthusiasts. Moreover, AI integration using this data enabled the fan to learn from the user preference and adjust its operation according to it without compromising on the user’s comfort level.

2- Neuro Clinic

Neuroclinic offers personalized psychological health care services based on cutting-edge technology to healthy individuals for cognitive performance enhancement as well as medication-free therapy to neuropsychiatric patients.

3- Instrux

INSTRUX is an intelligent cloud based energy monitoring solution developed by Instrumentation Centre at NED University of Engineering and Technology. It provides a unifying approach to view the energy flow within an organization and thanks to its powerful data analytics; the user can visualize energy consumption patterns in insightful ways realizing potential sources of energy conservation. In addition, it provides an insight into the expenditure incurred over a time interval and thereby quantify the energy cost for any operation, service or product. Also, the bill prediction module powered by state of the art machine learning algorithms along with the highly customizable alert management system proactively works together to keep the energy bill always in control! In short, INSTRUX is the only tool you ever going to need to keep your energy consumption at the optimum.

4- Robo Chotu

The clinically relevant and assistive robot, Robo-Chotu operates semi-autonomously under the supervision of the psychotherapist. Robo-Chotu is a non-anthropomorphic social robot which enhances autism therapy by attracting children and teaching them new life skills. The robot assists the therapist in teaching social and communication skills to the autistic children. The therapy aims to improve children’s likelihood of integration into society in the future. The core innovative technology integrated to Robo-Chotu is its unique AI cognitive model which interprets sensory data (facial expressions, speech output etc.) and will use perceptions and cues to assess the child behaviour. In addition to its unique cognitive model, it has a competitive advantage of being low-cost due to homegrown technology on an Android platform. It offers diagnostic and treatment support to autistic children relieving the burden from the current labour intensive therapeutic interventions.