Our Workshops

18 Jul'20

Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Online session conducted on Zoom, organized by Neurocomputation Lab and BIC in collaboration with Xahin Consulting, where Dr. Najam Akbar Anjum presented a path for Engineers to become Entreprenuers.

21 Feb'20

Data Visualization in PowerBI

Engr. Misbahuddin Abdullah explainted various visualization and analytics tool to the team of NeurocomputationLab.

14 Jan'20

AI and App Development for Kids

Team from Neurocomputation Lab conducted one dayHands-on workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Android App development at Beaconhouse School Gulshan Cambridge Campus

06 Jan'20

A Lecture on Research Writing

Dr. Parvaz, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Mount Sinai, New York visited Neurocomputation lab and delivered a lecture on research paper writing.

22 Nov'19

Dialog Flow

Engr. Taha Shaheen demonstrated Dialogflow to the team of Neurocomputation Lab. Hand-on workshop conducted where team learned to create their own customized chat bot.