Research & Publications

An Isolated Power Factor Corrected Cuk Converter with Integrated Magnetics for Brushless DC Ceiling Fan Applications

Hashim Raza Khan, Majida Kazmi, Haris Bin Ashraf, Muhammad Hashir Bin Khalid, Abul Hasan, Saad Ahmed Qazi

Understanding the neurological mechanism involved in enhanced memory recall task following binaural beat: a pilot study

Muhammad Danish Mujib, Muhammad Abul Hasan, Saad Ahmed Qazi, Aleksandra Vuckovic

An End-to-End Machine Learning based Unified Architecture for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Syed Wali, Muhammad Hassan ul Haq, Majida Kazmi, Saad Ahmed Qazi

A Holistic Approach to Urdu Language Word Recognition using Deep Neural Networks

Hashim Raza Khan, Muhammad Abul Hasan, Majida Kazmi, Nabeel Fayyaz, Hamza Khalid, Saad Ahmed Qazi

Distinguishing Voluntarily Upregulation of Localized Central Alpha from Widespread Posterior Alpha

Muhammad A. Hasan, Hira Shahid, Hashim R. Khan, Saad A. Qazi, Matthew Fraser

Renewable Energy Perspectives of Pakistan and Turkey: Current Analysis and Policy Recommendations

Riaz Uddin, Abdurrahman Javid Shaikh, Hashim Raza Khan, Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi, Athar Rashid, Saad Ahmed Qazi

Energy Storage for Energy Security and Reliability through Renewable Energy Technologies: A New Paradigm for Energy Policies in Turkey and Pakistan

Riaz Uddin, Hashim Raza Khan, Asad Arfeen, Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi, Athar Rashid, Umar Shahbaz Khan

Immediate effect of neurofeedback training on the pain matrix and cortical areas involved in processing neuropsychological functions

Muhammad Abul Hasan, Aleksandra Vuckovic, Saad A Qazi, Zuha Yousuf, Sania Shahab, Matthew Fraser

Efficacy evaluation of neurofeedback applied for treatment of central neuropathic pain using machine learning

Mohammed Gamil Mohammed Saif, Muhammad Abul Hassan, Aleksandra Vuckovic

A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to evaluate the role of a AI based personalized smartphone application to improve childhood Immunization coverage and timelines among children in Pakistan- Protocol: a mixed-methods study

Abdul Momin Kazi, Saad Ahmed Qazi, Sadori Khawaja, Nazia Ahsan, Rao Moueed Ahmed, Fareeha Sameen, Muhammad Ayub Khan Mughal, Muhammad Saqib, Sikander Ali, Hussain Kaleemuddin, Yasir Rauf, Mahreen Raza, Saima Jamal, Munir Abbassi, Lampros K. Stergioulas

Resource-Efficient Image Buffer Architecture for Neighborhood Processors

Majida Kazmi, Arshad Aziz, Hashim Raza Khan, Saad Ahmed Qazi, Lampros K. Stergioulas

Current Challenges of Digital Health Interventions in Pakistan: Mixed Methods Analysis

Abdul Momin Kazi, Saad Ahmed Qazi, Nazia Ahsan, Sadori Khawaja, Fareeha Sameen, Muhammad Saqib, Muhammad Ayub Khan Mughal, Zabin Wajidali, Sikander Ali, Rao Moueed Ahmed, Hussain Kalimuddin, Fatima Mahmood, Saad Zafar, Tufail Ahmad Abbasi, Khalil-Ur-Rahmen Khoumbati, Munir A Abbasi, Lampros K Stergioulas

Brain Injury and Dementia in Pakistan: Current Perspectives

Maheen M. Adamson, Sadia Shakil, Tajwar Sultana, Muhammad Abul Hasan, Fatima Mubarak, Syed Ather Enam, Muhammad A. Parvaz, and Adeel Razi

Machine learning and validity of binaural beat protocols: Trainability and, interpretability

Abul Hasan, Danish Mujib, Saad Qazi, Osama Ejaz