Our Projects

1- All-in-one Health App

Development of an app that will be able to save and maintain medical records up-to-date. It will facilitate patients and doctors both by providing a reliable source of maintained history with analysis and predictions done through Artificial Intelligence, hence making the decision-making process easi

2- Brain networks with modified connectivity in patients with neuropathic pain and spinal cord injury (

Identification of biomarkers for SCI patients with pain, without pain and able bodied for design of neurofeedback-based neurorehabilitation and connectivity-based Brain-Computer Interfaces for SCI patients. Functional connectivity has different behavior in various regions of brain and it also task d

3- Neurofeedback System

Developed a Neurofeedback software incorporating behavioral tests with neurofeedback sessions, and validated it in participants using different feedback type for clinical applications

4- Automated system for detection and prediction of epileptic seizures

An automated system that can assist in prior detection of epileptic seizures by identifying and discriminating ictal and normal electroencephalography (EEG) patterns. In order to accomplish the defined goal 38 channel EEG data of epileptic patients is being recorded which is then filtered in real ti

5- Shifts in Effective connectivity patterns in a cohort of spinal cord injury patients during default

The aim of the study is to identify how effective connectivity is disturbed within the default mode network of SCI patient for efficient diagnosis. Effective connectivity describes the influence of one neuronal system over another. Thus, in this study patients were at rest and EEG was recording duri

6- Reception Robot

A robotic platform that works as a receptionist at companies. It can welcome guest, can gossips with guest, able to identify the guest by his/her name. This receptionist is also able to memorize new guests with their name and photos and save all its data on server. Reception robot can efficiently se

7- Smart Fan App

A user-friendly app integrated feature is a trend in recent innovations thus Smart Fan can also be controlled via mobile phone. The user can monitor and control the fan from anywhere in the world.

8- Auf Quant

Design and development of trading bot for financial markets.Named after Abdur rahman ibn Awf (may Allah be pleased with him), one of the greatest traders of all time.

9- Bio-Signal Amplifier

Design and develop home based, low cost bio-signal amplifiers with an efficiency comparable with commercially available costly devices and integrate them in clinical applications

10- Mind Foster

Design and develop an automated stimulation based therapeutic solution for diversified applications such as cognitive enhancement and neuropsychiatric disorders.

11- Shift in work-life balance in Pakistan due to COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis through the mental health

This project endeavors to investigate the psychological impact of COVID-19 in general population of Karachi, Pakistan. For this purpose, an online survey was conducted to measure changes in psychological health due to pandemic. An internationally certified and accepted test was adopted to determine

12- BCI Application

Desktop application for brain computer interface that predict between two types of thoughts.

13- Mind Ball Game

It contains a miniature ball that can be telekinetically controlled by your brain thoughts. In this interactive game, two players compete to move a ball towards the opponent. The objective is to allow or train individuals to remain relax and attentive than your competitor to score a goal.

14- SeeSaw based NF system

A virtual seesaw based brain training system for disorders like attention and depression

15- Brain monitoring and feedback app

A desktop application that uses EEG for brain monitoring and generates meter gauge based visual feedback


ADVICE primarily focuses on the development of data acquisition systems, implementation of Machine Learning algorithms, integration of modules and focuses on user experience suited for commercial use of predictive maintenance in industry.