30 Apr'20

AI - An Introduction & a Glimpse Into Our Children's Future

Neurocomputation Lab conducted an online session for children and parents to know about Artificial Intelligence with all its complicated jargon. Approximately 500 participants attended the session and get all their queries answered from the best in the business.


17 Dec'19

Neurocomputation - Brain AI Analytics

Advancements in the field of neuroscience has led to the development of breakthrough data collection technologies that enabled experimental neuroscientists to acquire more multiscale neural data than ever before. The seminar on “Brain AI Analytics” invited expert guest speaker to emphasize on the current trends in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of traumatic brain injury, spinal disorders, strokes, epilepsy and connectivity changes due to neurological disorders.


01 Nov'19

Federal B Area Association of Trade and Industry

An industrial event to share Neurocomputation Lab's projects with FBAIT in order to address the challenges and problems faced by FB Area factories and for future collaborations.

28 Oct'19

SiFive Tech Symposium Karachi

SiFive and the Neurocomputation Lab co-hosted the 'SiFive Tech Symposium in Karachi' at NED University of Engineering and Technology. The founders of RISC-V demonstrated Semiconductor Design Revolution enabled by RISC-V architecture.