An Isolated Power Factor Corrected Cuk Converter with Integrated Magnetics for Brushless DC Ceiling Fan Applications

The usage of BLDC motors in the low-power range is increasing rapidly in home appliances such as ceiling fans. This has necessitated the development of reliable, compact and efficient AC-DC power supplies for motor drive circuitry. This paper presents a power supply design consisting of an AC-DC isolated PFC Cuk converter with integrated magnetics that supplies a single-shunt voltage source inverter for the sensorless drive of the BLDC fan motor. The proposed power supply design is comprised of an integrated magnetics structure in which the two inductors and the transformer windings share the same core. The zero input and output ripple current conditions have been derived from the reluctance model of the magnetic assembly. Smooth operation of the motor by minimizing the motor torque ripples is evident from the results. The Cuk converter operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM), employing the current multiplier method. The CCM-based current multiplier control loop ensures a near-unity power factor as well as low total harmonic distortion in the supply current. The current loop also provides over-current protection, enhancing reliability of the system. Moreover, the speed of the BLDC motor is controlled by the field oriented control (FOC) algorithm, which enables direct operation with alternate energy sources such as batteries and solar photovoltaic panels. The performance of the proposed supply is validated: motor torque ripple is reduced to only 2.14% while maintaining 0.999 power factor and only 4.72% THD at full load. Failure modes analysis has also been performed through software simulations, using the PLECS simulation environment. Due to the reliable power supply design with low ripples, it is well suited for low-power BLDC motors in home appliances and small power tools, in addition to ceiling fans.